Proposal Software

Proposal Software

BY ATOMIC | JUN 29, 2023

If you’re tired of juggling proposal creation like a circus act, proposal software is here to rescue you! With its snazzy customizable templates, collaboration superpowers, and tracking wizardry, you’ll breeze through proposals like a boss. It’s the secret weapon to impress clients, maintain harmony, and skyrocket your win rate.

Top Proposal Software

When selecting proposal software, consider factors like ease of use, integration with existing tools, pricing plans, customer support, and security measures. Think about whether you need advanced features like e-signature support, version control, or CRM integration. Don’t settle for just any software — find the one that fits your proposal prowess, like a custom-made tuxedo or your favorite hat. A few things to look for include:

  • Features: The proposal software you choose should have the features you need to create and send professional proposals. This includes features for creating templates, adding images and videos, tracking proposal views, and collecting signatures.
  • Ease of use: The proposal software you choose should be easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy. The interface should be intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Pricing: Proposal software can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars per month. Choose a plan that fits your budget and your needs.

Our Research Into Proposal Software

We looked at five different options before making our decision (stay tuned for that). They all provide their own value, and what was best for us may not be for you, so be sure to check these out on your own, too.


PandaDoc offers a range of flexible pricing options to suit your needs. With the free eSign feature for unlimited documents, it might be a no-brainer option for you.

PandaDoc isn’t just about proposals; it’s a powerhouse for businesses. It allows effortless collaboration, integrates with multiple CRMs, and taps into a content library that equips your team with all the answers. Get real-time insights with custom notifications on client interactions, from document opens to signatures.

PandaDoc extends its magic beyond proposals. You can handle contract renewals like a breeze and simplify HR tasks, revolutionizing your agency’s efficiency and organization.

$19 / month per user for Essential Tools
$39 / month per user for Additional Integrations and Content Library
Custom Pricing for Additional Features


RFPIO is a go-to response management platform, harnessing the brilliance of artificial intelligence to streamline RFP organization and response. You can import drafts, collaborate seamlessly, and export polished documents in different formats.

It has a game-changing intelligent recommendation engine, where AI suggests the perfect content from your response library to address each RFP’s unique requirements. This allows you to effortlessly involve the right team members and craft winning proposals in no time.

RFPIO plays nice with your existing tech stack, integrating smoothly with Okta, Slack, Google Drive, HubSpot, and more.

Free Demo
Contact For Full Pricing

FastSpring IQ

FastSpring IQ is an effortless way to create and send personalized, interactive quotes to your prospects. It offers customizable components that incorporate videos, customer testimonials, and other supporting assets into a quick pitch deck.

You can track prospect engagement in real time with FastSpring IQ and gain valuable insights into their interests for more efficient follow-ups. Use IQ as a live pricing calculator during demos or send it directly to prospects, allowing them to conveniently pick and choose their desired options within the quote. This simplifies the pricing alignment process, eliminating tedious negotiations.

But that’s not all—IQ is equipped with eSignatures, seamless payment integration, and CRM compatibility. It guarantees a smooth experience for you and your prospects, revolutionizing how quotes are created and accepted.

Free: Unlimited Quotes For Up To 2 Users
$65 / month per user for Premium Features
Contact For Enterprise Pricing and Special Features


Venngage is an infographic tool that has expanded its design software repertoire to include a game-changing proposal maker. With a vast collection of professionally designed proposal templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, it allows users to craft captivating proposals in mere minutes.

Venngage has a simple interface and round-the-clock support, making it perfect for smaller companies. Best of all, it operates entirely in your browser, granting you the freedom to create proposals on the fly.

Free to Sign Up and Use with limited features
$16 / month per user for Premium Features
$39 / month for Business Features
$499 / month for Enterprise Features

What Proposal Software Did We Decide On?


Our secret weapon! Yes, we are giving a secret away. This badass platform brings the power of drag-and-drop to our fingertips, making proposal creation a breeze. There is an InDesign-like editor that lets us add text, images, and even videos.

Proposify doesn’t just stop at jaw-dropping visuals. It’s armed with robust analytics, revealing the most-viewed sections, total views, and how long those eyeballs lingered. Plus, it tracks our proposal’s performance over time.

Free with 1 user and 5 active documents
$49 / month per user with unlimited active documents
$590+ / month for 10 users, unlimited active documents, and premium features

All that time you spend drafting proposals, emailing different departments, hunting for images, figuring out the details, setting timelines, and crunching numbers, just to start it all over again for the next potential client? It’s a real pain. It’s like a never-ending loop of hard work and long hours. No doubt, this whole thing is a major time suck. So when you are ready to make life easier, check out some of our favorite proposal software options.

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