3 Canva Tricks to Elevate your Designs

3 Canva Tricks to Elevate your Designs

BY ATOMIC | FEB 15, 2022

Canva is an awesome tool to create graphics for your social media accounts, newsletters, presentations, and more. Every day, I swear I find a new feature or a different way to do something to achieve the look I’m going for. Here are three tricks you can start using in your designs!

1. White Border Around Images

This design style is becoming incredibly prevalent on graphics and marketing materials. In the past, I struggled to get the outline to mirror the photo perfectly, but Canva has a solution for this, of course! Here are the steps.

  1. Select the photo of the person or thing you’d like to outline
  2. Go to the edit image tab and click background remover
  3. Go to the edit image tab and click shadows, then glow shadow.
  4. Turn the transparency to 100, glow to 0, and adjust the size and color to your liking!

2. Border Around Text

Similar to the border around photos, adding a border around your text can really make your text pop. There are various ways to do this, but here is the most simple way I’ve found.

  1. Click text on the lefthand sidebar
  2. Select the font you want
  3. Click on effects and choose splice
  4. Put offset on to 0 and adjust the direction and thickness to your liking

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