Why Having a Blog is Good for Your Business

Why Having a Blog is Good for Your Business

BY ATOMIC | FEB 17, 2022

In conjunction with social media and search engine optimization, having a blog is a key part of a great content marketing strategy. Here are 3 reasons why having a blog is good for your business.

Blogs Build Connections & Credibility

Your blog is the place you can consistently keep your customers in the loop on company and community events, provide your expertise, and build a loyal following that trusts you. By identifying your customers’ needs and providing them with useful and helpful information in response, you’re showing them that you care about finding a solution to their problem and that they’re valuable to you.

While you win over the hearts of your customers, you’ll also be demonstrating that you have great knowledge of your field by consistently producing blog content that aligns with your business and educates customers. This knowledge creates credibility and the higher the credibility, the higher the client testimonials and referrals. Win!

Blogs Bring Free Publicity

Blogging is so good for businesses that when you maintain a consistent blog, the chances that other businesses will use information from your content and provide it to their audience is high. When they give credit, they’ll link back to your website.

There are also times that a customer will love your blog content so much that they’ll share it to their personal feed for their friends and family to engage with (another reason why creating TRULY helpful content is crucial!)

Blogs Can Increase Activities on your Website

When a prospective customer takes a look at your website and is immediately provided something of value, it can increase their likelihood to stay on and review services and other pages.

You can actually take a look at analytics to see where the prospective customer/viewer went after reading the blog. So, if you’re frequently writing blog content surrounding a certain topic and you notice people frequently leaving the site after viewing said topic, you can adjust your blog ideas accordingly.

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