The Importance of a (Good) Photo

The Importance of a (Good) Photo

BY ATOMIC | FEB 5, 2022

David Robertson Jr. of Robertson Photography gave me a little insight into the importance of a good photo for business and marketing. David is a third-generation photographer who followed in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather, who started his photography business in 1946 after returning from war.

After studying Marketing and Computer Science in college, David decided to take a different path and follow the family business in photography. The rest is history and a bunch of gorgeous photos! With a specialty in children’s photography, he loves the psychology behind getting a child to pose for a photo. He hasn’t met my children!

What is the Importance of a Good Photo for Business?

“You need good photos to build credibility and trust in your brand,” said Robertson. People are willing to pay attention to a visual representation of your business rather than words. Everyone knows the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, this is especially true now. We live in a short attention span society now with messages and media coming at us from every single angle. People are more likely to grasp a single photo and move on than to dive into a paragraph to get more information.

The Three Most Important Photos for a Business

If a business could only use three photos to represent their business, what should they be?

  1. A group photo of employees. People like people. Knowing there is a face behind the name of the business we are interacting with or buying from, makes us more comfortable with them.
  2. The physical location. Have a storefront, warehouse or office? Show it off! This legitimizes the business you do.
  3. Show your product or service in use. Sure, this sounds like more of an important factor for video, but showing an item in use or a service being done rather than a flat photo enhances the purchasing behavior because it makes the photo more relatable.

Why Does Photography Affect Marketing?

Simple, people’s emotions. Photos can generate instant reaction because they influence human emotions. This can build or break trust with your brand in an instance. Here, look at these puppies dressed in costumes and tell me you didn’t smile. Can you imagine one of these little guys repping your company logo or dressed as your product? Boom! Puppies will win every single time.

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