A Book Review Of Smarter Faster Better By Charles Duhigg

by | Jul 11, 2023

Staying motivated and being able to achieve our goals are the biggest issues faced by people in the fast-paced world we live in today. To help people get a new perspective on their lives and work on their productivity and motivation, Charles Duhigg brought us “Smarter Faster Better.”

A Book Review Of “Smarter Faster Better” By Charles Duhigg

This book explores the science behind motivation and provides us with practical strategies that would help the readers make smart, efficient choices that would help them work up to their full potential. Here, we aim to tell you all there is to the book “Smarter Faster Better” and show you how it can influence your life to make it more efficient than ever before.

“Smarter Faster Better” is not just another self-help book that was released into a sea of those. It is a profound study of the psychology and neuroscience of motivation. Charles Duhigg would take you on a journey that would greatly transform your life. He would have you go on a transformative journey where you would encounter self-discovery and personal growth. In his book, you will also find research and anecdotes that will help you envision everything that he has said coming to life.


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The book has a powerful premise. It states that motivation can be nurtured by allowing individuals to take control of their lives. This is taught to you while you are taught the importance of remembering your long-term goals. This holistic approach sets the stage for you to enhance your productivity and unlock your full potential.

You will, for sure, find it difficult to stop reading it because of the masterful skill of storytelling that Duhigg has employed in this book. The book reminds its readers that everything, regardless of how mundane we think it is, ends up being highly significant. This is because they are our steps towards becoming a better version of ourselves, contributing to an efficient future.

Features of “Smarter Faster Better”

Charles Duhigg is a New York Times Best Seller, and there is no question as to why. The author of “The Power Of Habit”, he makes some great points about productivity, motivation, and goal-setting while diving into why some people are just so dang successful.

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The book emphasizes the power of choice, which is a key feature that you must consider. It highlights how you can make decisions and take responsibility for your actions. This, in turn, enhances your motivation significantly. By giving you practical techniques for the benefits of decision-making, the book empowers you to seize control of various aspects of your lives. From choosing priorities to determining the best approach to a task, the book will teach you to harness the motivating force of choice.

Another prominent feature of the book is its emphasis on maintaining a focus on long-term goals. Duhigg recognizes that motivation tends to lessen when the task seems daunting or overwhelming. To overcome these obstacles, he provides you with strategies to link your daily actions to your ultimate goals. This is directly proportional to giving you a bigger picture to look at. By constantly reminding yourself of the bigger picture and the significance of the efforts you make, you will be able to develop a renewed sense of purpose and determination. This goal-oriented thinking becomes the driving force behind your actions. This will send you on a whirlwind path toward success.

“Smarter Faster Better” is a book written with plausible research that draws on the findings of experts in psychology and neuroscience. Duhigg delves into scientific studies that explore your brain’s motivation and its response to making choices. By presenting this insightful research in an engaging and accessible manner, the book provides you with a deeper understanding of the science behind motivation. This scientific foundation not only enhances your knowledge but also instills confidence in the strategies and techniques given to you through this written masterpiece.

Why You Should Read “Smarter Faster Better”

“Smarter Faster Better” offers a wealth of valuable information for you to unlock your true potential. Its features include emphasizing the power of choice, promoting goal-oriented thinking, and incorporating insightful research. This makes it a commendable source for you on your way toward enhancing your motivation and productivity. By implementing the strategies and techniques outlined in the book, you can benefit. You will learn about a greater sense of control, a renewed sense of purpose, and a scientifically backed understanding of motivation.

What makes this book so great is that practical tips and techniques are offered in the book. These can be easily implemented in your lives immediately. Time management strategies lead you to an ideal decision-making framework. There, you will have all the required tools to enhance productivity and achieve all your goals.

Duhigg’s skillful storytelling takes hold of your attention and helps you bring all those concepts to life. These real-life examples tell you that even if you come from diverse backgrounds, you can implement these principles in your life and achieve success. His storytelling makes the book relatable for you and inspires you and anyone in need.

The book is not just an ordinary self-help guide. It goes beyond productivity hacks and encourages you to live a life of better quality. This book lets you examine your values and purpose and guides you toward developing a holistic approach to life. By understanding the connection between motivation and achievement, you can enjoy a fuller and more balanced life.

Final Thoughts And Takeaways

“Smarter Faster Better” by Charles Duhigg is a remarkable book that empowers you to harness your motivation and achieve your goals more effectively. Through a blend of captivating storytelling and scientific research, Charles Duhigg offers you practical strategies to make smarter choices while maintaining focus in an increasingly demanding world. By embracing the power of choice and keeping long-term goals in mind, you can enhance your productivity and unlock your true potential. Whether you seek personal growth or professional success, “Smarter Faster Better” is a valuable resource that will inspire and guide you on your journey to success.

Some of our key takeaways were to focus on making small decisions and thinking about the “why” behind them. When we hit bottlenecks, motivation can halt. If we know we need to take action but aren’t clear on why, there is a slowdown. Establish the “why” behind the need for action and make small decisions to guide the action. We also liked the concept of creating mental forecasts. Thinking about what success might look like or what might interrupt progress and how we would handle it. Lastly, we took note of the concept that productivity and creativity are intertwined. As a digital marketing agency in Birmingham, AL, we want to be productive and often have to work in some creativity to be efficient as possible.

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