As in almost any business, marketing is key to growth. But in the Real Estate industry, you have to be ever-present. With homes being the largest purchases people make in their lives, the buying cycles are loooooooong. You have to always be available. You have to be the trusted relationship, that is there at just the right time.

You say, “Sure…With an unlimited budget I can be everywhere, all the time, but that’s just not possible.” You would be right to say that. But it would also be an irresponsible use of your money. We can show you how to be targeted, efficient, and omnipresent…Check this out!

The Website

  • Let’s start where the leads happen.
    The look matters. If the site doesn’t look good…You don’t look good.
  • UX/UI – This stands for user experience and user interface – Is the site easy to use? If not then you will lose the opportunity.</>
  • Is it easy to contact you? This doesn’t mean you need to have a phone number, chat, text, email, lead form, fax and carrier pigeon as options to contact you. Less is more. Pick the one YOU like the best. (Hint – It’s not email).

It’s important to get this right. If you spend the money and do the work to get people to your site, and it doesn’t create a quality impression or makes it too hard for the visitor, then you just wasted your money.

Analytics & ROI
You need to know where you are now before you decide to go somewhere else. A good baseline of traffic and leads to your website will help you tremendously.

As much as I hate to say it, you have to upgrade to Google’s new GA4 platform. To say I hate it is an understatement. But it is still the best free option we have. To make it easier, I recommend using a paid third party dashboard to help with reporting.

A quick point on ROI. It is pretty easy to figure out the math for one house, but if you have a good understanding of your repeat purchase percentage, you can develop a “Lifetime Value” for your clients.

On-Site SEO
If you want to rank organically in Google search results, you need content. I’m not going to lie…It takes a lot of planning and a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. Here are the types of pages and content you need.

  • For Sale Pages – “Houses for Sale in Birmingham” – Pretty straightforward, just a little info about the city/town/neighborhood and a lot of listings.
  • Location Pages – “All About Birmingham” – Why is this important? You need to show Google and your potential clients that you are an expert in the areas you sell.
  • Blog Content – This is a mix of information about you, your business, your area and your clients. The main thing here is to try to be as consistent as possible. (It’s hard…We know.)

Social Posts
If you did the hard part of writing the content, the easier part is promoting it. Use social to stay in the conversation without making it all about you.

The other recommendation here is to create a consistent look and feel to help you stand out from the other agents.

Search & Social Ads
While social ads can be very effective, they can also be deceptive. Meaning you will tend to like the idea of a social ad over a search ad because you like the way it looks.

There aren’t many marketing tactics more powerful than a targeted search ad campaign. It is the only place where the ads are demand generated. The client is literally telling you they want what you have…”house for sale in Birmingham”. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

If you have email addresses, use them. There are just a few simple rules.
  1. Do everything you can to make it personal for the recipient
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Text delivers better than images

Local Links – Secret Weapon
Quick definition – A link is where another website points to your website via an image or text, when clicked, will open up your website. A local link comes from a website who’s business or operations are headquartered in the city or areas you work in.
Why does this matter? It’s the same thing as reference or referral. Google looks at links from local businesses as a referral of trust and local authority.

Why is it a secret weapon? This is where local agents and local companys can outflank national players. They just can’t be as local as you.

Let’s Talk
Do you want to know how this can work for you? We would love to put together a custom plan that would help you level up and put your name at the top of all the lists!