A lot like teeth – we’ve got to get your digital marketing straitened out!

For almost any business, marketing is key to growth. But as an Orthodontist, you have to be more consistent. It comes with being good at your job.

The key to winning in your market is being a trusted source of information from the beginning. It’s not enough to just be in the right location.

Sounds simple, right? In a way it is, and we can show you how…Check this out!

The Website

First and foremost, the appearance of your website is critical. If your site looks unappealing, it reflects poorly on your business.

When designing a website, we prioritize the user experience and interface. We ensure that the site is easy to navigate, so you don’t lose potential leads.
Making it easy for visitors to contact you is also vital. However, offering too many options can be overwhelming. We suggest selecting one preferred contact method that aligns with your preference.

It’s crucial to get this right. You’ve invested time and money in driving traffic to your site, and a poor user experience can result in wasted resources. Trust us to create a website that makes a quality impression and drives conversions.

Analytics & ROI for your Practice

Before embarking on a new journey, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your current location. Having a solid foundation of website traffic and leads can significantly aid you in your endeavors.

Regrettably, upgrading to Google’s new GA4 platform is a necessity. Although I have a strong aversion towards it, it remains the best option available. To simplify matters, I suggest employing a paid third-party dashboard for reporting purposes.

Regarding ROI, calculating the value of a single visit is simple. However, if you possess a comprehensive understanding of your repeat purchase percentage, you can establish a “Lifetime Value” for your clients.

Travel Advisor SEO

If you want to rank organically in Google search results, you need content. One blog post per month is just not going to do it…It takes a lot of planning and a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Make a list of the services you offer your clients and then rank them in order of priority.
  • Create a list of all the possible questions people could ask about that service.
  • Now you have the beginnings of a content plan and you are on your way to topical authority.

Next steps? You should be adding 5 – 20 new pages of content to your website every month.

Social Posts

If you did the hard part of writing the content, the easier part is promoting it. Use social to stay in the conversation without making it all about you.

How often should you post? We have found that once or twice per week can do the trick. If you want to post more often, it certainly won’t hurt.

The other recommendation here is to create a consistent look and feel to help you stand out from the other Orthodontists.

Search & Social Ads

While social ads can be very effective, they can also be deceptive. You will tend to like the idea of a social ad over a search ad because you like the way it looks.

There aren’t many marketing tactics more powerful than a targeted search ad campaign. It is the only place where the ads are demand generated. The client is literally telling you what they want…”Invisalign near me”.

All you have to do is answer…It doesn’t get much easier than that.


If you have email addresses, use them. There are just a few simple rules.
  1. Do everything you can to make it personal for the recipient
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Text delivers better than images

Local Links – Secret Weapon

Quick definition – A link is where another website points to your website via an image or text, and when clicked it will open up your website. A local link comes from a business or operation headquartered in the city or area you work in.

Why does this matter? It’s the same thing as reference or referral. Google looks at links from local businesses as a referral of trust and local authority.

Why is it a secret weapon? This is how you rank for local searches and out rank all the other Orthodontics practices in your area.

Let’s Talk

Do you want to know how this can work for you? We would love to put together a custom plan that would help you level up and put your name at the top of all the lists!