Marketing Tips from the top Interior Designers



What Do The Top Interior Design Firms Do?

During our research, we learned a lot about local interior design firms — who ranks well in search and why. What’s the point of knowledge if you don’t share it, right? Well, here you go. We hope this is helpful and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions!

What kind of research did we do?

We combed through thousands of search results and hundreds of interior design websites from 10 major cities to see what we could learn from the designers that were competing in some of the largest markets in the US.

We tried to learn from the things they were doing consistently well, as well as some ideas you could steal from them.


The Website

The About Page

You likely already have a page that describes the team, the history, the inspiration, and the style.

Give it a good look and make sure you have updated pictures. Give the text a look and make any updates. You should also add any awards or achievements here.

Take it to the next level and add a video! 

This designer posted a 2 minute video outlining her design style. This is a great way to connect with people and qualify the right customers early. 



The Portfolio

Again, everyone has one (if you don’t, do it now), but there are a few things that could help improve it. This goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway…make sure you are adding your most recent projects.

Portfolio Filters

If you just have a portfolio with a lot of pretty pictures, and no way for potential clients to find the room they are looking for, you might lose an opportunity. You can categorize your portfolio using button-based filters.

Tell The Story

Take pictures throughout the whole process, it adds to the story (and the work) of each project. Plus everyone LOVES before and after.

I didn’t see this, but I think it would be awesome to also add a picture of the incredibly happy business owner or homeowner, in the space you just designed for them, along with their testimonial.

Interior Design Portfolio


This is from an incomplete spec site we built, you can get a good idea of how the portfolio works.

Photo Gallery

Building a separate gallery for different spaces can help provide a lot of inspiration. You can even add things you love, even if they aren’t yours.

Interior Design Photo Gallery

Process Page

Outlining your process sets expectations and general timelines. It helps people to feel more comfortable about the journey they are about to take and with whom they travel with.

Interior Design Process


Services & Spaces Pages

If you only provide one type of service that’s fine, but you should have a page for every service or space, if not a very thorough explanation for every service. 

Get Specific About the Space

I’d recommend adding a page for each space and then outlining the services provided within that space. Think of this as a business page within your site.

Include the process, portfolios, awards, testimonials, etc., and make sure they are as specific to the room or space as possible.

Interior Design Spaces Pages

You Should Write Consistently

Whatever it takes, make sure you are writing and promoting as often as possible.

How often? No less than once per month and as often as you can.

Marketing & Self Promotion

Some of you will love it and some of you will hate it. The fact remains that the designers with the highest profiles are putting themselves out in front.

Why does this matter?
Beyond the obvious, Google likes brands. They will show you in search results more often if your name is synonymous with your industry.

Why? Trust. The person searching for a designer is likely to have a good experience with someone that is popular in the space.

A Few Promotion Ideas

Enter Contests & Post the Results

You should enter you work in every possible contest you can find and then ask your friends and followers to vote. It doesn’t matter if you win. Then, always share the results.

Get Published

Yeah, I know it sounds simple, but there are probably a lot of small local magazines that would love to have an article from an expert designer.

Send out Press Releases

You can send out a press release for literally anything. Why not take advantage?

Get interviewed on podcasts (or start your own)

Finding interviews can kind of be a chore, but it can be really easy to interview people on your podcast. It doesn’t have to be the next podcast sensation. Just keep it simple and fun.

Business & Revenue Ideas

During my research, I found a decent number of designers that had a shop attached to their site. While most of them were for things like pillows, candles or furniture, there were a few designers who had turned a problem into a solution. (Being that you are in this industry you may have seen or heard of these before, but I thought they were clever.)

Seasonal/Event Decorating Packages

I thought this was pretty unique. Turnkey, seasonal designs could be an awesome add-on to your business. They wouldn’t take a lot of time once you get it hammered out. Plus, these are great for promoting your business.

Seasonal Package for Interior Designers


Walk-Thru Packages

I thought this was a great idea for someone that just wanted to talk shop. It really helps to formalize the process and makes sure you are getting compensated for your time.

Interior Design Firm Walk-thru packages

Sell DIY Guides

There are a lot of people who consider themselves semi professional designers, but maybe just need some direction. Help them out with a guide they can purchase from your site.

Design Collection

This is great from both a revenue and a marketing perspective. This designer has developed a kitchen cabinet paint collection with a local company. There are probably a lot of local companies that may be open to a similar idea.

Interior Design Collaboration Idea


Next Steps

If you made it this far, your head might be spinning. It’s a lot to take in, but if you start with the first thing and slowly work your way to the next, it can all be done. With the exception of the website and the ads, you can probably do most of it on your own. At some point, every business owner has to weigh the value of their time vs. the cost of a task. You will probably come to the realization that your scope of genius is in interior design and not digital marketing. You can do anything, but it’s really hard to do everything.

Of course, you can always ask us for help (wink, wink).