Content Marketing Assistant

Do you know how to right good? Do you organize your legos by colors? Great, we need you! We are looking for a content marketing assistant that would make Shakespear cry himself to sleep.

The Details

With a content first mindset, you will help facilitate strategy for clients that begins with content and is executed throughout the entire Digital Marketing ecosystem. Working with team members across Social, SEO, Paid Search, Content Development, and Outreach to develop cohesive messaging with content that is relevant, unique, search driven yet socially shareable, and generally just awesome.

Non-Negotiable Requirement:

Show up and show off your ability to do the very best! You must be capable of delivering top notch quality content on a daily basis. You have to be able to learn about our client’s business goals and create a plan that will help them reach those goals.

The Requirements:

  • Organizatization & Time Management
  • Content Planning
  • Proofing & Editing
  • Content Development
  • Posting & Optimization

Not so fun stuff:

In addition to planning the content strategy, you will be responsible for ensuring that the strategy is fully executed. This will involve working with and managing the content flow of writers, proofing, editing, and optimizing, and even putting some words on paper yourself.

Next Steps:

Hit that button in the corner and text “I right good!”