We didn’t choose the weed life…The weed life chose us.

The hardest thing about marketing in this industry is navigating the ever-changing landscape of policies and rules.

Where our strategy comes in is figuring out what you can do.

After helping launch multiple Ecommerce brands and developing custom websites for local CDB/Vape Shops…We have the experience to help you grow your business.

Custom CDB Websites

It is important to start by identifying where your leads come from. The visual appearance of your website is a crucial aspect as it reflects on your business.

Make sure that the user experience and user interface (UX/UI) of your website is easy to navigate, as a poor user experience can result in lost opportunities.

Having a clear method of communication is essential, but it’s important to note that less is more. Choose the communication method that works best for your business, keeping in mind that email may not always be the most effective option.

It is important to remember that if you invest in bringing people to your website, but it fails to make a positive impression or is difficult to use, your efforts will be in vain. Create a visually appealing website with a user-friendly interface and clear communication options to maximize the potential of your investment.

Analytics & ROI

To make informed decisions, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your current status. Having a solid baseline of website traffic and leads will provide valuable insights.

Upgrading to Google’s new GA4 platform may not be a popular option, but it is something we all have to do. To make the process easier, utilizing a paid third-party dashboard for reporting is recommended.

When assessing ROI, it is relatively easy to calculate for individual transactions. However, having a good understanding of your repeat purchase percentage allows for determining the “Lifetime Value” of your clients, providing a more comprehensive understanding of your ROI.

Travel Advisor SEO

To improve your website’s organic rankings on Google search results, producing valuable content is essential. Although it may require significant planning and effort, the outcome is well worth it.

To achieve this, it’s important to have the following types of pages and content:

  • Product Pages: It is important as it showcases to both Google and potential clients that you are a knowledgeable expert in the areas you specialize. The more content you can produce, the better.
  • Blog Posts: This should include a combination of information about your business, products, the industry and personal experiences. Consistency is key.

Social Strategy

After creating valuable content, promoting it effectively is the next step. Utilize social media platforms to participate in relevant conversations without only focusing on self-promotion. Additionally, having a consistent visual identity can help set you apart from other agents in the industry.

A key element with CBD is care to not violate platform terms of service. It’s imperative you know how to navigate these before you start posting.

Search, Social and Display Ads for CBD

Unfortunately, you cannot utilize Google search for ads, as CBD, vape and Delta 8 all violate terms of service, you can use retargeting and display ads, but you have to be careful.

Our experience in this area can be invaluable to helping you grow your business.

CBD Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an effective way to reach your audience when you have a list of email addresses. To optimize your email campaigns, consider the following guidelines:

  • Personalize the message as much as possible for the recipient
    Keep the content clear and easy to understand
  • Use text-based content instead of heavily relying on images, as text-based emails tend to have better delivery and engagement rates.
  • Be VERY careful with the language you use…You don’t want your email blacklisted.

Local Links – Secret Weapon

A link is a connection from another website that directs to your website through an image or text. When clicked, it opens your website.

A local link is one that comes from a website that operates in the same city or area as your business.

Why is this important? Similar to a referral or reference, Google views links from local businesses as a sign of trust and local authority.

This is how you can beat your competitors and rank on the first page of Google.

Let’s Talk

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