15 Social Media Post Ideas for your Business

15 Social Media Post Ideas for your Business

BY ATOMIC | FEB 23, 2022

1. Product Tutorial

It’s time to show off your product’s capabilities and how to use them! This could be a video demo or Instagram reel.

2. Merch

If your business has merchandise such as T-shirts or branded water bottles, snap a photo and encourage your followers to purchase as gifts, to treat themselves, or for holidays.

3. New Product/Service Announcement

If you’re unveiling a new product or beginning to provide a service you didn’t previously offer, be sure to let your followers know so that they can show their support!

4. Employee Spotlights

Showing your employees some love is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and make your followers feel like they know your business personally.

5. Client Testimonials

If one of your clients leaves a great review, be sure to promote that to your pages. It could be the very thing that makes someone want to work with your business!

6. Tip Tuesday

If you want to post consistently, having set days for certain types of posts is a great way to make it happen. Consider something like “Tip Tuesday” where you can offer insights related to your industry.

7. Fun Fact Friday

Everyone is excited about the weekend, so keeping it fun on Friday is always a good idea.

8. Hiring Now

If you have a position available at your business, posting it on social will help with reach and recruiting.

9. Q&A

Giving your followers the chance to ask you questions about your business and answering shows that you care about ensuring your customers/potential customers have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

10. Re-introduction of Business/Owner

If it’s been a while since you told your business’s story, mission, or purpose, and you’ve gotten a lot of traction recently, consider reintroducing to show that you care about all followers, old and new.

11. Holidays

This is pretty self-explanatory, but posting on all holidays is an easy way to build your feed.

12. Community Events

Promote events like parades and concerts that are happening in the city that your business is located in.

13. Company Events

If your company is throwing a party to celebrate a big win, snap photos at the event and share them with your followers so that they can celebrate with you.

14. Special Offers

If you’re running a promotion, let your followers know so that they can take advantage of savings.

15. Customer Content

If your customers share posts using your product or promoting your business, always be sure to reshare them!

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